About Ruth, Writer

There was once a family that lived on an island in the middle of the Caribbean sea. This family was big and this family was odd and this family made people look twice when they walked through a room. This family had one father, three mothers, and lots and lots of children. This family was mine.

It was the year 2005 and the debacle that would become the nightmare that has haunted me ever since began. It is a nightmare that has, in a way, never ended. Somehow we are still picking up the pieces, still trying to find our way back to the people we were before.

I am here to tell my story. To shed light on the days that still haunt me in my sleep. To try and make sense out of the senseless. To ascertain how I find myself here today, with the stories still untold tied up within, looking at the ruins of what remains. I lost two brothers through the nightmare of that year. I became a mother in every sense but the literal. The world turned upside down and it left us scarred and reeling in its wake. And somehow it doesn’t end. The family that was simply odd is now something else: something broken.

So here I am, a young woman from an odd and broken family, to tell a story. The story of a childhood ruptured and a misplaced adulthood, broken but somehow still standing. These are the pieces of me that I leave behind. My small, inconsequential footprints in which I try to find purpose.

This is me chronicling a life.